Thought Leader – Gerald K. DuBose – Interview

Gerald K. DuBose is a thought leader, founder, executive coach, author, master storyteller and so much more.  Because Gerald has accomplished so much, is why I call him maestro.

Thought Leader, Executive Coach

Maestro Definition:   a great or distinguished figure in any sphere. virtuosomasterexpertgeniuswizardprodigy

During this interview, Gerald shares sage advice.

Instead of writing a glowing preamble to this interview. I am providing you with a list of the ideas Gerald shares and our conversation expands on during our conversation/interview.

Foundational Principles of Success

Foundational principals learned from his family as he grew up:

  • Always do things from a place of love
  • Make everything you accomplish in life is about being of service to others
  • I have learned to leverage the power of my creativity to launch, manage and grow each of my business ventures
  • Never let someone leave your presence without them being better for having met you

Business Professionals Should Always:

Seek out people who can take your vision and make it better, I call those people amplifiers

Have a great coach because they can see those things you can not. They will see your blind spots

Invest in people

Put others first they will be there for you at every stage of your journey


On writing: Remember everything is just an idea until you write it down

Leave a Legacy: I want to be remembered for being a light in a dark place


As you prepare to listen to this podcast be sure to do these two things first:

(a) grab your favorite beverage

(b) settle into your most comfortable easy chair.

Ok, are you comfortable?

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.



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