Integrity is what makes a leader great – Episode #004

Plato was right 2,500 years ago when he said ” Those who tell the stories rule the world”

Sales Leader

Dr. Paul Zak a Neuroscientist tells us his research proves when a human listens to a story certain types of stories have the ability to change the biology in humans.

However, simply having a story to share isn’t enough. the best stories resonate with the majority of people because the story is built with knowledge of the norms, folkways, and customs of the people in the communities receiving it.

Yes, sharing your story in context with what your audience already believes is key. Making your story relatable means you touch your audience in the heart and gut to make them feel what you are conveying in your story.

When we speak from a place that all humans aspire to when we speak from a position steeped in authentic INTEGRITY that is when the ears of the people you seek to reach perk up and listen more intently because then your works are signing their song too.

Want to be a better leader, a better communicator, capable of leading your organization, your tribe, then always be nurturing your sense of empathy and always act and speak from a position of integrity.

Mr. Robert Mueller the former FBI director, a leader with impeccable credentials and many years of public service,  when speaking at Tabor Academy, and addressing the student body said this:

 “When given the opportunity to address students, I always mention integrity because it is so essential to who and what you ultimately will become,” Mueller said. “Whatever we do, we must act with honesty and with integrity, and regardless of your chosen career, you are only as good as your word.”

This is why our podcast is about the myriad ways founders and leaders can harness the power of story while standing upon the foundation of the integrity they live by, employ storytelling to advance their vision in order to help you become the best leader you can be too.

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Are you sharing your brand stories?

Those Who tell Stories

How do brands keep us interested and engaged? They tell us their stories.

All brands have stories.  The brands that tell the most interesting story wins our attention.  

The reason story works so well is because humans are wired for story. Neuroscientists have proven that stories change our biology. When we hear stories of distress our bodies release the hormone cortisol. When we hear a story that elicits empathy in us our bodies emit the hormone oxytocin.  Yes story has the power to change our biology.

Watch this video produced by Mont Blanc and watch closely how the brand storyteller takes you on a journey through time, a journey that shows you how they have served people just like you, or the person you aspire to be like.

Then watch another video produced Burberry a 150 year old brand based in the UK. Burberry hired Angela Ahrendts as the new CEO and one of  the first things she did was hire a cultural anthropologist to tell the story of the historical Burberry brand. Once the story was catalogued Ms. Ahrendts published it as a book and provided a copy to each employee. The intention in sharing the book with employees was to inspire them to ignite a passion for the brand and fuel a connection to the mission to revive the aging English business icon. The book became a source of pride. The brand was new and exciting again.

Before Angela Ahrendts arrival Burberry had forgotten their brand story. The employees and the customers had forgotten why Burberry existed, they had forgotten who they served and how they were purpose built to serve a specific audience that had a very specific sense of value and style.  

These two youtube videos show us visual storytelling at it’s best. Mont Blanc’s story is exactly 2 minutes and 20 seconds and the Burberry story is 5 minutes and 27 seconds. I submit that when you watch these videos in total you too will begin sharing the compelling stories that your brand has to tell.

That is the power of .

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