Your journey to success?

What is the true cost of success?

The cost of your success is found in your answer to the following question.

How are you willing to suffer?

This is post is my reading of a HuffPost article written by Mark Manson Entrepreneur and author and world traveler. He writes on how people can improve their lives, as well as social commentary and various life experiences at


This audio file requires 14 minutes from beginning to the end.
If you are a reader and prefer consuming this article in that way, I’ve attached a link to the article here:

However, you decide to engage with Mark Manson’s ideas about success and struggle, before you begin to find a comfortable space, grab your favorite beverage and maybe a close friend or colleague who might enjoy the topic too.

So, what is the cost of success? Mark answers the question by asking us another. What are you willing to suffer?


I enjoyed reading Mark’s insightful and thought-provoking answer to this question, I hope you do too.

Let’s get started!

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