Start-ups Take Note: Uber Made It Big, But Did They Get It Right?

Uber is the start-up that can be accused of recommending a million dollar smear campaign against a female journalist one week, and seal a billion dollar funding round the next. The company bears all the hallmarks of a disruptive start-up, using technology to exploit a gap in the market and […]


Uber continues to fight every legal challenge and the battles are many. Could it be that the mounting legal challenges are the marketplace trying to tell Uber something? Or does all the legal wrangling mean that Uber is operating in a new domain without laws and as the disruptor, it is Uber’s responsibility to write laws to accommodate the new business model borne out of their success and the marketplaces acceptance of the sharing economy? 


“There is no national or model response to this emerging market, and a ‘Wild West’ environment is the current state of play,” commented Matthew Daus, former commissioner of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. Kalanick’s reply must have felt something like a declaration of war: “Was Yahoo upset when Google came out? Of course. In that industry, people compete. In the cab industry, they try to curtail competition.”

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