Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018 marked another day when people stopped what they were doing, to participate in events or do something with our planet earth as the center of attention.

Should we celebrate the earth every day versus on just one day every year?Yes! We should celebrate earth day every day.

I am sharing the following videos to illustrate just how important and urgent celebrating earth day every day truly is.

When humans venture into space what they see is a planet where all of human history has played out. Earth is the only planet known to be hospitable to humankind. When we send space vehicles outfitted with cameras capable of looking back at our planet earth from afar, the pictures taken of earth show our planet as a  pale blue speck in the vastness of space.

The Pale Blue Dot video (narrated by Carl Sagan) provides us with awe-inspiring spatial perspective on the importance of our home planet earth. The intention of the video is to ignite in each of us, our responsibility for the care and keeping of the planet because it’s all we’ve got!

The video below (narrated by Jane Goodall) provides a ground-level view of the various species we hold dominion over and the responsibility we must embrace for their care and keeping to.

When any one of the many species living on earth is placed on the list of extinct species, their extinction affects the planet’s balance and equilibrium in material ways. Scientist have a name for what happens when species are removed from an ecosystem, they call it Trophic Cascade.

Watch the following video to learn what happened in Yellowstone national Monument when the apex predator wolf was returned to the parklands.

We have one planet earth. We and all of the species living on earth are important and since we are the apex species on the planet it’s our responsibility to care for all of them.

Let’s not allow our planet fall into an irreversible state of imbalance (trophic cascade). Let’s all work together to assure a healthy and robust planet is what we leave for future generations to come.

We have come a very long way, yet we still have so very far to go.

Let’s restore balance and harmony to the land.

We can do this!


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