Creating Your Signature Story

Creating your signature story requires you to produce an intriguing, authentic, narrative. Ideally you create a signature story for yourself and your business. Everyone working in customer facing roles should have a signature story to share.

A signature story is NOT a compilation of dry facts or product features, functions or description of roles and responsibilities.  The signature story explains why you love the work you do while explaining how you to do it. The signature story enhances the perception of the company you represent.

The short video attached was produced for LifeBouy. The company was headquartered in England when it launched in 1895. Lifebouy became the most popular hand soap in the United States in 1923.  Life Bouy is no longer produced in the United States. All production is now done in Cyprus. Lifebouy’s major markets are now the emerging markets of South America and Asia.

signature story

The narrative shared in the video illustrates how village folkways are integral to all village life. What’s compelling about this signature story is how it makes us feel empathy for the families and the village children. Leave a comment below and let us know how you felt while watching the video.

We all have an insightful, thoughtful and compelling message to share about our vision, mission, brand or campaign for fixing somethig greater than ourselves.

signature story

Now, relax, and watch this video for a few moments, then reflect on how you will gather the ideas that become your signature story. When you need a helping hand we are here to show you how to harness the power of your story to reach and engage the people in the markets you serve.

signature story

Kudos to LifeBouy who may no longer be all the rage in the United States yet, they continue to create products and processes to help people of emerging societies accomplish more.

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