The Power of Storytelling – Change your story, change your world!

The power of storytelling.

Change your story, change your world!

When we think of storytelling we might think of the first children’s book we read, our favorite writer, director or how the business world is now infatuated with harnessing the power of story.

Storytelling hasn’t changed only the technologies we use to convey and share our stories has (WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).

However, those stories are not what this video is about. This video presents a compelling series of vignettes showing us how when people change their personal narrative, the story they tell themselves about themselves. Their new story has the power to change how they see themselves, enabling them to step own their power and place in the world.

Words have power. When we string them together in the form of a story our words grow in power. Be careful of the words you use to describe who you really are. Don’t deceive yourself, don’t believe the hype.

You are the actor, writer, director, producer, set designer, casting director of your life. So, be careful of the role you cast yourself in,  the script you hand yourself.

The Power of Story!



It’s your movie make it great!

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