“Great achievement is born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” Napoleon Hill

Is great achievement born of great sacrifice?

For the answer: Watch Casey Neistat’s final VLOG linked below.

caseyneistatCasey Neistat started a VLOG in March 2015.  Today he decided to stop daily uploads of his amazingly engaging video stories (VLOG). Casey amassed nearly 6,000,000 subscribers from the beginning through today,  that’s 18 months of uploading a thoughtful, often funny yet always compelling video each day. Within hours of each upload, his videos would garner 100’s of thousands of views, which is simply amazing. How much money did Casey earn from his VLOG, suffice it to say the answer is LOTS.

So why would one of the planet’s most successful VLOGgers decide to kill the goose that consistently laid golden eggs, every day? Well, here is what Casey said on today’s final VLOG episode, I paraphrase:

“With each success comes a bigger more audacious goal”

Casey’s VLOG had become too easy to produce. He began the VLOG in order to ignite and inspire his creative talents each day. In order to rise to the occasion to create something awesome everyday, he created a system that made conceiving, creating, editing and uploading great content everyday. In the end nearly eighteen months after the VLOG began Casey decided the thrill was gone. The thrill of facing the daily deadline, the daily creative challenge, the challenge of discovering something about his life that would be worth sharing with millions of his followers everyday, the thrill was gone.

Casey decided to kill his golden goose in order to rise above the success of his VLOG, to strive to continue to achieve more, be more to find a new muse a new inspiration.

So what’s next?

Surely Casey will find what he is looking for and continue to create, innovate and amaze us all!

Remember, what Casey knows, great achievement is born of great sacrifice!

So what’s the lesson learned from Casey Neistat is embodied in this question:

“What are you willing to sacrifice in order to become better at delivering what you offer the people you serve?”


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Why 2015 is video advertising’s breakout year

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The Power of Visual Storytelling

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Boston Layer-Lapse on Vimeo

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71% of Marketers Confirm Video Converts Better Than Other Content [Study]

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The  Power of Visual Storytelling 

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Cameras take your corners and get ready for battle!

Nikon 810 vs. Canon 5D MarkIII

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Why Video Matters in Hospital Marketing?

Is video a tool for hospital marketers? B2B Marketing reports that video campaigns are six times more effective than traditional promotions. (Why Video Matters in Hospital Marketing?

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The power of visual marketing 

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What causes most videos to miss the mark: a big storytelling problem

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Every good story is about a changed life!

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“The Power of Love” TVC (Official HD): โฆษณาดีแทค – YouTube


Source: www.youtube.com

This Thai produced visual story is clear and compelling, technology should never replace human contact and true love.


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20 ideas for your next corporate video | Articles | Social Media

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Inform & Entertain

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