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This video presents a sobering view of the near future where robots are doing the work that humans do today. Think back to the days when horses were a large part of the world’s labor force, with the advent of the automobile horses through no fault of their own were replaced by autos.

All one has to do to validate the progress of robots is think of the tens of thousands of miles that driverless cars have driven up and down the California coast.

For those of you who believe that better technology makes more and better jobs for humans, think again, that wasn’t the outcome for horses and it will not be true for us humans. 

The reality is we have a very large social engineering opportunity to figure out, what will people do when robots are doing 60% of the jobs at work?


MIT is creating materials that build themselves with ‘4D Printing’ technology

4D printing is like 3D printing, but adds the element of time. Essentially, it’s like a metal coil thermometer


The offer of personalized products and services are much desired by the marketplace and serve as brand differentiator for businesses.

What will your company be doing in 4 or 5 years when 4D printed highly customized products are common.

#Adapt or Die

How to keep your job in the coming waves of new technologies?

A lot of medical professionals are worrying about their jobs whether they lose it in the near future due to the coming waves of new technologies. Many of them think they will get replaced by robots…


“One of the major obstacles is physicians being resistant to the adoption of new technologies because they are afraid.”