“Great achievement is born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” Napoleon Hill

Is great achievement born of great sacrifice?

For the answer: Watch Casey Neistat’s final VLOG linked below.

caseyneistatCasey Neistat started a VLOG in March 2015.  Today he decided to stop daily uploads of his amazingly engaging video stories (VLOG). Casey amassed nearly 6,000,000 subscribers from the beginning through today,  that’s 18 months of uploading a thoughtful, often funny yet always compelling video each day. Within hours of each upload, his videos would garner 100’s of thousands of views, which is simply amazing. How much money did Casey earn from his VLOG, suffice it to say the answer is LOTS.

So why would one of the planet’s most successful VLOGgers decide to kill the goose that consistently laid golden eggs, every day? Well, here is what Casey said on today’s final VLOG episode, I paraphrase:

“With each success comes a bigger more audacious goal”

Casey’s VLOG had become too easy to produce. He began the VLOG in order to ignite and inspire his creative talents each day. In order to rise to the occasion to create something awesome everyday, he created a system that made conceiving, creating, editing and uploading great content everyday. In the end nearly eighteen months after the VLOG began Casey decided the thrill was gone. The thrill of facing the daily deadline, the daily creative challenge, the challenge of discovering something about his life that would be worth sharing with millions of his followers everyday, the thrill was gone.

Casey decided to kill his golden goose in order to rise above the success of his VLOG, to strive to continue to achieve more, be more to find a new muse a new inspiration.

So what’s next?

Surely Casey will find what he is looking for and continue to create, innovate and amaze us all!

Remember, what Casey knows, great achievement is born of great sacrifice!

So what’s the lesson learned from Casey Neistat is embodied in this question:

“What are you willing to sacrifice in order to become better at delivering what you offer the people you serve?”


The Art of Storytelling

Want to grow your business, liberate your origin, founding, product, customer and evolution stories. (Link to article here)

Story is as old as humankind!
“Those who tell the stories rule society.”Plato

Are you sharing your brand stories?

Those Who tell Stories

How do brands keep us interested and engaged? They tell us their stories.

All brands have stories.  The brands that tell the most interesting story wins our attention.  

The reason story works so well is because humans are wired for story. Neuroscientists have proven that stories change our biology. When we hear stories of distress our bodies release the hormone cortisol. When we hear a story that elicits empathy in us our bodies emit the hormone oxytocin.  Yes story has the power to change our biology.

Watch this video produced by Mont Blanc and watch closely how the brand storyteller takes you on a journey through time, a journey that shows you how they have served people just like you, or the person you aspire to be like.

Then watch another video produced Burberry a 150 year old brand based in the UK. Burberry hired Angela Ahrendts as the new CEO and one of  the first things she did was hire a cultural anthropologist to tell the story of the historical Burberry brand. Once the story was catalogued Ms. Ahrendts published it as a book and provided a copy to each employee. The intention in sharing the book with employees was to inspire them to ignite a passion for the brand and fuel a connection to the mission to revive the aging English business icon. The book became a source of pride. The brand was new and exciting again.

Before Angela Ahrendts arrival Burberry had forgotten their brand story. The employees and the customers had forgotten why Burberry existed, they had forgotten who they served and how they were purpose built to serve a specific audience that had a very specific sense of value and style.  

These two youtube videos show us visual storytelling at it’s best. Mont Blanc’s story is exactly 2 minutes and 20 seconds and the Burberry story is 5 minutes and 27 seconds. I submit that when you watch these videos in total you too will begin sharing the compelling stories that your brand has to tell.

That is the power of .

Stand Up to Stand Out – No Gimmicks


Standing out from the crowd is how you accelerate business growth. If it were easy to be a thought leader everyone would do it. Thought leadership is built u…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

Establishing Thought Leadership is #HardWork

World at Your Feet on Vimeo

This is “World at Your Feet” by Redrow London on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Source: vimeo.com

This short video inserts the product, commercial real estate, into the narrative of their ideal prospect, the high earning rising stars of the demanding, challenging world of the business executive.

Brand Storytelling 

Before You Create Marketing | The Story of Telling

Recognise that’s it is not your job to create marketing. It’s your job is to as Peter Drucker said, to create and keep a customer. Before Nespresso people paid for coffee by the jar or went to Starbucks. Before iTunes people waited for CDs to be released and shipped. Before Kindle we needed bookcases and…

Source: thestoryoftelling.com

This short article poses one key question that every business owner should be able to answer about their business.


“What happens in people’s lives because your product or service exists? “

Attention, Filmmakers: Here Are the Secrets to the ‘Serial’ Podcast’s Storytelling Success

The true crime podcast has become an addiction for millions of listeners — and the reasons why might be useful for any storyteller.

Source: www.indiewire.com

The Self-propelled Story

“There’s another genre in the mix that adds to “Serial’s” originality: interactive fiction. The Information Age is the promise of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure writ large; “Serial” is what happens when the new possibilities of networked-storytelling meet true crime.

The show has reached a critical mass. The part of the story that has already been told, and the reaction to it, is now serving as its narrative engine. Its popularity begets popularity; and with popularity comes more resources, more ears, more data. Episode 9 began with three important revelations that came from listeners who had some real-life involvement in the case, demonstrating that there those in the audience who can move the story along by adding material facts.

But the genius of “Serial” is that even for listeners whose lives are far removed from the case, the show has the allure of a classic whodunit, where the solution to this crime is knowable, if we listen closely.”

The Best Business Storytelling Posts from 2014 (Part II)

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations

Source: www.ishmaelscorner.com


What the Heck Is a Word Visual? 

As communicators increasingly spearhead owned media properties, they need to come up the curve in visual storytelling. The concept of word visuals, the packaging of clever words in a way that brings a visual dimension to communications without a premium on design, is one way to close the gap. 

Puppy love

48 hours film made in 72 h, oups. Check tons of great stuff from my pals from CalArts and Gobelins made specially for this crazy show. https://vimeo.com/channels/48hourfilms2014

Source: vimeo.com

When everything has a digital sensor or brain onboard and everything is connected and talking to everything  what will the future of our relationship with everything be like? This short story gives us a peek into the future and the unconditional love we get from dogs.

The Persuasive Power of Analogies: How the Coolest Brands Sell Product

Detailing the persuasive power of analogies and how the coolest brands use them to sell product.

Source: www.impactbnd.com

How marketing harnesses the awesome power of ANALOGY!


“When you think of art, you think of something that takes time to perfect. Something that requires extreme focus and creativity. 

Well, that’s exactly how great marketing messaging is conceptualized.  It is an art form. 

Your canvas awaits. “

Article written by: John Bonini

The Creamery at Two Rivers

In today’s global marketplace, it’s important to push the right buttons: This film was the centrepiece of a campaign that was over before it began. Because the…

Source: vimeo.com

This video tells the story of a home built for sale, however it is the artful way the story of the buildings intent was shaped by the architects,  the rivers, the Jackson Hole environs, is simply beautiful.

The sense of power and beauty that is evoked by #Storytelling