Social Selling with Brynne Tillman

So, you need to know how to implement an effective social selling business plan? Who are you gonna call? Brynne Tillman! Brynne is Best Selling author of The LinkedIn Sales Playbook and Chief Learning Officer of Vengreso a modern sales and marketing knowledge center.

brynne tillman

Our conversation covers a lot of ground.

We talk about the power shift that has taken place, where salespeople no longer wield the power of access to information. In the past, when a consumer wanted to know what a solution provider offered, how to implement it and at what cost, the consumer had to engage a sales representative to acquire that information.

Today’s consumer is now the most empowered consumer ever. The power of the internet and mobile media make acquiring information about virtually anything can be acquired at the frictionless speed of the internet. So, who needs a salesperson, no one does.

80% of consumers have researched the product or service they wish to acquire so well that by the time they contact a salesperson 80% of those consumers know what they want to buy and how much they want to spend.

With salespeople losing control and essentially being relegated to the role of an order taker, salespeople had to change, and fast.

How Social Selling saved the Sales

social selling

Social selling enables salespeople to do the work to understand the businesses they serve and the markets those businesses reside within.

Social selling has allowed salespeople to do the work to establish their authority in the field they work within.

Social selling has enabled the salesperson to get out of constant pitch mode to become more adept at collaborating with clients to deliver the best solution.

Here is a list of a few of the subjects we discuss:

  • Huthwaite Sales Model S.P.I.N
  • Challenger Selling Model by CEB
  • Miller Heiman Blue Sheet
  • LinkedIn as Brand Strategy vs. Resume
  • Using Advanced LinkedIn Features
  • Effective Listening
  • Pre Call Planning
  • The Importance of Market Research
  • Defining the Buyers Journey
  • Establishing Thought Leadership

social sellling

I enjoyed this conversation with Brynne. I hope you find the ideas and concepts shared in this podcast help you accomplish more sales.

Sit back, grab a notepad and your favorite beverage and listen in. When you have any question about data we discuss, leave us a message in the comments and we will get our response back to you pronto.





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Are you a salesperson or a SALES LEADER?

Sales Leader

I read an article this morning with this title “Do sales people need to be thought leaders?  I say that the sales representative of today needs to be a leader and so much more.  This rebuttal addresses what happens when you do not encourage your sales rep to do the work to establish herself as a leader within the industry and line of business she serves.

Today’s sales landscape is very different than it was in the last century. In the 1900’s prospecting, following up, closing deals, objection handling and closing again was what was done because it worked. Back then salespeople had the upper hand, they had most of the information.  During much of the last century salespeople were indispensable (I’m referring to those well trained salespeople from notable companies like Xerox and IBM).

Today’s buyer is the most empowered buyer ever, because now they have easy access to information due largely to the ubiquitous nature of social and mobile media.  This HBR article excerpt says: “your customers including the ones you haven’t met—already know all about your offerings. On average, prospective buyers in business-to-business settings have completed 57 percent of their due diligence work before they engage a sales representative.”  Where does this leave salespeople?

Well without having something thought provoking, insightful or compelling to share with the customer team doing the due diligence it’s difficult to insert yourself into the buying cycle. Here’s what the average sales representative is relegated to when the sales manager says (1) Keep prospecting and the DM says, We have already selected our best 3 solution providers, (2) Keep following up with the DM!  DM says stop with the spam, it’s not wanted, (3) Keep closing, refer to items #1 and #2, their nothing to close.

When you do not encourage today’s sales representatives to do the hard work to establish their LEADERSHIP within the industry they serve you set them up to be consistently left out meetings with the economic buyer #LeadersOpenDoors.

Please join the conversation and share what you believe.

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Your Time Is Precious!

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Social Selling DeMystified

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