Can Mobile Technologies and Big Data Improve Health? | MIT Technology Review

Medical data is a hot spot for venture investing and product innovation. The payoff could be better care.


Technology will enable healthcare delivery systems to be customized for each and every patient.

Digital Health Funding 2014 Midyear Report by @Rock_Health

A summary of the companies, investors and themes that drove digital health funding to a record $2.3B only halfway through 2014, exceeding the entire 2013 total…



Are Hospitals Responding to a Health Reform That Hasn’t Happened Yet?

Peter Orszag argues that medical providers anticipating the end of the fee-for-service model are bringing health-care costs down



“Medical providers, and hospitals in particular, are preparing for the end of the fee-for-service payment system in which they make more money by providing more care.” 

Healthcare consumers actively sharing health information on social networks

A new survey conducted in May 2014 in the US shows that 85 percent of respondents would publicly share their health experience on social media to support others with the same disease.



“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes – YouTube

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album “Mandatory Fun” out now: Music video by “Weird Al” Yankovic performing Word Crimes. (C) 2014 …


What tech offices tell us about the future work – Kate Losse – Aeon

Twitter has log cabins and Facebook has graffiti — what do the offices of tech giants tell us about the future of work?


Designers are blurring the lines between work, a country home,  or a hipster vacation spot, makes one think where am I when you find yourself inside todays tech companies.

7 Signs Your Candidate Is a Great Storyteller

Learn how to screen for storytelling skills in an interview.


Very good advice when hiring an individual or an agency.

Google Ventures’ Secret to Productive Meetings: A Timer

The dead-simple tool, known as the Magical Clock in schoolrooms, keeps both children and CEOs on track


Using a timekeeper that clearly presents time remaining encourages all participants to contribute to the dialogue before time runs out.


22 maps that explain the World Cup

The history, geography, and politics of the World Cup and soccer as a whole


The STORY of World Cup Futbol in MAPS (yesterday & today).