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When marketing to millennials:

The same old marketing techniques simply don’t cut it with tech-savvy millennial audience (Defined as those between the ages of 18 and 34 in 2015).

Online Marketing to Millennials

“Great achievement is born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” Napoleon Hill

Is great achievement born of great sacrifice?

For the answer: Watch Casey Neistat’s final VLOG linked below.

caseyneistatCasey Neistat started a VLOG in March 2015.  Today he decided to stop daily uploads of his amazingly engaging video stories (VLOG). Casey amassed nearly 6,000,000 subscribers from the beginning through today,  that’s 18 months of uploading a thoughtful, often funny yet always compelling video each day. Within hours of each upload, his videos would garner 100’s of thousands of views, which is simply amazing. How much money did Casey earn from his VLOG, suffice it to say the answer is LOTS.

So why would one of the planet’s most successful VLOGgers decide to kill the goose that consistently laid golden eggs, every day? Well, here is what Casey said on today’s final VLOG episode, I paraphrase:

“With each success comes a bigger more audacious goal”

Casey’s VLOG had become too easy to produce. He began the VLOG in order to ignite and inspire his creative talents each day. In order to rise to the occasion to create something awesome everyday, he created a system that made conceiving, creating, editing and uploading great content everyday. In the end nearly eighteen months after the VLOG began Casey decided the thrill was gone. The thrill of facing the daily deadline, the daily creative challenge, the challenge of discovering something about his life that would be worth sharing with millions of his followers everyday, the thrill was gone.

Casey decided to kill his golden goose in order to rise above the success of his VLOG, to strive to continue to achieve more, be more to find a new muse a new inspiration.

So what’s next?

Surely Casey will find what he is looking for and continue to create, innovate and amaze us all!

Remember, what Casey knows, great achievement is born of great sacrifice!

So what’s the lesson learned from Casey Neistat is embodied in this question:

“What are you willing to sacrifice in order to become better at delivering what you offer the people you serve?”


Start-ups Take Note: Uber Made It Big, But Did They Get It Right?

Uber is the start-up that can be accused of recommending a million dollar smear campaign against a female journalist one week, and seal a billion dollar funding round the next. The company bears all the hallmarks of a disruptive start-up, using technology to exploit a gap in the market and […]


Uber continues to fight every legal challenge and the battles are many. Could it be that the mounting legal challenges are the marketplace trying to tell Uber something? Or does all the legal wrangling mean that Uber is operating in a new domain without laws and as the disruptor, it is Uber’s responsibility to write laws to accommodate the new business model borne out of their success and the marketplaces acceptance of the sharing economy? 


“There is no national or model response to this emerging market, and a ‘Wild West’ environment is the current state of play,” commented Matthew Daus, former commissioner of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission. Kalanick’s reply must have felt something like a declaration of war: “Was Yahoo upset when Google came out? Of course. In that industry, people compete. In the cab industry, they try to curtail competition.”

The real cyborgs – in-depth feature about people merging with machines

“Biohackers are upgrading their bodies without waiting for anyone to say it’s OK”


“Biohackers are upgrading their bodies without waiting for anyone to say it’s OK”

Why Companies Must Invest In Experience Management

Are you building relationship capital all the time?


“When a company delivers great experiences, it builds relationship capital. Relationship capital leads to loyalty. And, in the world of extreme competition and unlimited choices, loyalty is the only thing that takes care of the bottom-line. Bottom-line isn’t a goal, it is a result. Enabling unforgettable experiences across every touchpoint – that is a goal.”

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Google makes us all dumber: The neuroscience of search engines

To see what I mean, try memorizing the following string of fourteen digits in five seconds:


Hard, isn’t it? Virtually impossible. Now try memorizing this string of fourteen letters:

lucy in the sky with diamonds

This time, you barely needed a second. The contrast is so striking that it seems like a completely different problem, but fundamentally, it’s the same. The only difference is that one string of symbols triggers a set of associations with knowledge you have stored deep in your memory. Without thinking, you can group the letters into words, the words into a sentence you understand as grammatical — and the sentence is one you recognize as the title of a song by the Beatles. The knowledge you’ve gathered over years has made your brain’s central processing unit more powerful.

This tells us something about the idea we should outsource our memories to the web: it’s a short-cut to stupidity.


The excerpt above provides an example for how our  brain organizes information allowing us to turn it into knowledge,  out performing the most powerful search engines.



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Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature | Conservation International (CI) – YouTube


Nature Doesn’t Need People

Elon Musk’s Latest Venture: A Gigafactory for Solar Energy – PSFK

The project is part of Musk’s plan to spend $5 billion on the state of New York for developing renewable energy to which the state invested $750 million.



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It’s Time to Get Mad About the Outrageous Cost of Health Care – Consumer Reports

Overpriced health care in the U.S. translates into higher health insurance costs and fewer raises for American workers. Consumer Reports’ health insurance experts explain what you can do about it.


Dr. Eric  Toplo  isn’t pulling any punches in this scorching of the American healthcare industry as he shares his insider’s perspective on why healthcare cost are outrageous.

A New Era for Search: The Zero Moment of Truth is Now Defined by Shared Customer Experiences – Brian Solis


80% of all purchase decisions are made only after consulting a social network (on & offline).

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How To Market Your Business in a Noisy World – Curatti

It’s a noisy world, your marketing resources and headcount are limited and in some case, you’re still defining who your customers are


Sound Advice

Air Force research: How to use social media to control people like drones

“Containment control” model looks at how groups of influencers can manipulate people.


How to use SOCIAL MEDIA to control people like drones.

What Will Activity Tracking Bands Do with Their Prime Real Estate on Your Wrist? | MIT Technology Review

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Fitness bands like the Jawbone Up are in an unusual and enviable position in the electronics business: people rarely take them off.

Art Jones‘s insight:

What life will be like in the very near future when wearables (#WearableTech) and the Internet of Everything (#IOE) join forces. 

Excerpt:  Right now, your thermostat has no idea if you’re feeling hot or cold, let alone whether you’re hot because you went for a run and will soon cool off or because it’s the middle of a long heat wave that calls for the air-conditioning to stay on. Rahman’s vision, he says, is for the gadget on your body to lend such context to the devices around you

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