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When marketing to millennials:

The same old marketing techniques simply don’t cut it with tech-savvy millennial audience (Defined as those between the ages of 18 and 34 in 2015).

Online Marketing to Millennials

The Power of Visual Communications

It’s time to prepare your marketing plan for the new year?

This is a great article. The author does not beat you over the head with his knowledge he makes you laugh at yourself because yes, at some point in time we all have resembled the persons being called out in the article.  Yes, we’ve all been there and made these mistakes we just hope you did these things a long long time ago in a distant past. Enjoy the quick read and good luck in all things in the New Year!

 Things Not to do in 2017

Outsource to an expert
Don’t do these thing in 2017

Your Time Is Precious!

Stand Up to Stand Out – No Gimmicks


Standing out from the crowd is how you accelerate business growth. If it were easy to be a thought leader everyone would do it. Thought leadership is built u…

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Establishing Thought Leadership is #HardWork

10 Predictions for the Marketing World in 2015

The beginning of the year marks the traditional time for blogger prognosticating, and I’ve created a tradition of predicting the big trends in SEO and web marketing over the last decade.


RandFish (MOZ) is pretty much spot on with his prediction. In this post he takes a look back at how his predictions for 2014 fared and then he shares what he sees in his crystal ball for 2015. The predictions of tech companies that will be likely targets for acquisition make for interesting read. Enjoy!

Brands Are Wasting Time And Money On Facebook And Twitter, Report Says

“Stop making Facebook the center of your relationship marketing efforts,” says Nate Elliott, VP and principal analyst at Forrester.



“Stop making Facebook the center of your relationship marketing efforts,” writes Nate Elliott, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester.

Facebook has been in the process of tapering off its free-traffic firehose since January, as part of its promoted content push. Unpaid posts are out, paid is in, which puts anyone who relies on the social network for reach in a difficult position.

Why Behavioral Targeting is Smart Marketing

Humans are hard-wired to respond to personalization. To be relevant, brands have to understand what is important and meaningful to customers as individuals


The notion that people like to be addressed by Name vs. Dear Occupant, has been around since Don Peppers and Martha Rogers penned their book The One to One Future

Peppers and Rogers were helping brands in 1996 provide personalized experiences that resonated with the customer.

When social platforms became part of the marketing conversation many thought that everything about how we should interact with people (the marketplace) should change too.

The reality is that what Peppers and Rogers realized when they penned their book is what Jan Gordon writes in her post,  people want to be recognized, they want to believe the brands they do business with get them. 

So remember, to reach today’s consumer and maintain their allegiance treat each customer engagement like they are your #1 customer.   

A Guide to Social Video, and Where it Fits in Your Marketing Plan

Here’s how to include social videos in your social media marketing plan and how to use social video.


This post is chock full of great ideas that are shared visually via video of course.

Too much choice can harm your business | Graham Jones | Internet Psychologist

If your business offers lots of choice you make it harder for customers to make a purchase and they will be more unhappy with what they buy.


Reducing choice for buyers

“One way of presenting lots of choices but in a limited way is to categorise. Human beings are programmed to love categories. Imagine you sell coffee mugs. The first thing to do is to sort them into categories. You might have “large, medium and small”, for instance. People then click on one of those choices. They are then faced with more choices such as “round, straight or tapered”. Again, they click on their choice to be presented with another selection, perhaps “white, bright, pastel” – and so on. In other words you let people make increasingly narrow choices.

The alternative is to have a web page which shows the 250 kinds of mugs you sell. The result is confusion and a focus on the negatives, together with associated delay in decision-making. For all its brilliance, Amazon would sell a lot more if it limited our choices.”

What REALLY Differentiates The Best Content Marketers From The Rest

I’ve been privileged to work with brands from all over the world in the last few years. Through this work, I’ve also had a chance to meet, become friends with,…


Slide #11 provides a key takeaway – I paraphrase it for you here: Make STORYTELLING the foundation of your content marketing (& sales) efforts:

“Dont TELL your audience why your product is great, SHOW them how it can help them become better.”





“Neuromarketing is a discipline that fuses together traditional marketing, neurology and psychology (behavioral sciences), in aiming to understand / identify what is happening in the brains of people in response to stimuli related to the observation of products, brands, photos, advertising . The ultimate goal is to determine new strategies to facilitate the action of purchase.”


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