Are you a salesperson or a SALES LEADER?

Sales Leader

I read an article this morning with this title “Do sales people need to be thought leaders?  I say that the sales representative of today needs to be a leader and so much more.  This rebuttal addresses what happens when you do not encourage your sales rep to do the work to establish herself as a leader within the industry and line of business she serves.

Today’s sales landscape is very different than it was in the last century. In the 1900’s prospecting, following up, closing deals, objection handling and closing again was what was done because it worked. Back then salespeople had the upper hand, they had most of the information.  During much of the last century salespeople were indispensable (I’m referring to those well trained salespeople from notable companies like Xerox and IBM).

Today’s buyer is the most empowered buyer ever, because now they have easy access to information due largely to the ubiquitous nature of social and mobile media.  This HBR article excerpt says: “your customers including the ones you haven’t met—already know all about your offerings. On average, prospective buyers in business-to-business settings have completed 57 percent of their due diligence work before they engage a sales representative.”  Where does this leave salespeople?

Well without having something thought provoking, insightful or compelling to share with the customer team doing the due diligence it’s difficult to insert yourself into the buying cycle. Here’s what the average sales representative is relegated to when the sales manager says (1) Keep prospecting and the DM says, We have already selected our best 3 solution providers, (2) Keep following up with the DM!  DM says stop with the spam, it’s not wanted, (3) Keep closing, refer to items #1 and #2, their nothing to close.

When you do not encourage today’s sales representatives to do the hard work to establish their LEADERSHIP within the industry they serve you set them up to be consistently left out meetings with the economic buyer #LeadersOpenDoors.

Please join the conversation and share what you believe.

Stand Up to Stand Out – No Gimmicks


Standing out from the crowd is how you accelerate business growth. If it were easy to be a thought leader everyone would do it. Thought leadership is built u…

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Establishing Thought Leadership is #HardWork

The Authenticity Paradox – HBR

Why feeling like a fake can be a sign of growth


Why Leaders Struggle with Authenticity

The word “authentic” traditionally referred to any work of art that is an original, not a copy. When used to describe leadership, of course, it has other meanings—and they can be problematic. For example, the notion of adhering to one “true self” flies in the face of much research on how people evolve with experience, discovering facets of themselves they would never have unearthed through introspection alone. And being utterly transparent—disclosing every single thought and feeling—is both unrealistic and risky.

For Leaders, Looking Healthy Matters More than Looking Smart – HBR

New evidence suggests that healthy-looking individuals are perceived as better leaders, even over intelligent-looking people.


Have you ever thought of the state of your wellness and apparent health status as part of the brand called you? 

This study suggest that facial and physical cues versus cues that signal perceived intelligence informed the subjects in this study, who they believed would make the best leader.

So if you’re still smoking a pack a day, hate exercise and love chugging that soda big gulp accompanied by a bag of cheetos, you might have to forget that promotion or advancing in your career.

I believe it is unfortunate that we humans have biases. However thats the way its been when our identity was a product of which tribe we were from.

This study bears out the notion that we all have biases. The opportunity we each have before us is to be aware of those biases and manage our decision making accordingly. 

Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s book #Blink

Servant Leadership: Putting Your Team First, and Yourself Second

Being a servant leader can boost engagement, increase trust and build better team relationships. Includes 10 key characteristics of servant leadership.


Being brand and marketing strategist positions us to help brands build and lead communities of raving fans, thus leadership development is part of the job.

This article talks about the importance of knowing who you serve and why you serve them which is analogous to knowing your ideal prospect but ultimately more important because it positions the brand in role of servant.

The author provides 10 key characteristics of the servant leader within this article to cultivate and nurture as part of your brands leadership style. Enjoy! 

5 Quotes From Bill Gates That Will Teach You Valuable Life Lessons

Bill Gates is successful and generous beyond measure. What valuable life lessons can he teach us? Read these quotes and find your own success.


My Fav is #3 Discipline: 

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.”

What Your Mentor Isn’t Telling You About Your Future – Forbes

Mentorship is a hot topic these days – as people seek guidance about how to find success, but also significance, in their careers.


“Wisdom is the currency for success and the eventual enabler of significance we all seek to attain. If you start your journey with your legacy in mind (not being so concerned about the details – but how to discover your legacy platform), you will soon be on your way to a flourishing career.”

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Bashful About Selling Your Own Products

Working with a half heart is like running with one leg. We’ll get passed up.
Michael Hyatt


Michael Hyatt keeping it simple.


Leadership is service. Normally we hold back because we don’t want to be seen as driven by ego. But that just means we’re focusing too much on what others might think about us. Leadership is not about us. It’s about the people we’re trying to help.

Linking Strategy and Sales – YouTube

Frank Cespedes gives the keynote presentation at the Sales Leadership Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa (October 2012).


This is a presentation steeped in details. Frank discusses just those details that are required to be considered when creating your sales strategy. Now is the time to consider the company 2015 sales target and the strategies and tactics you will employ to attain them. Attending to the details outlined in this presentation, you  will enter the new year with a solid strategy vs. a plan that is nothing more than a wish.

Failing to plan is planning to fail – Alan Lakein