Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!
If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!

“Great achievement is born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” Napoleon Hill

Is great achievement born of great sacrifice?

For the answer: Watch Casey Neistat’s final VLOG linked below.

caseyneistatCasey Neistat started a VLOG in March 2015.  Today he decided to stop daily uploads of his amazingly engaging video stories (VLOG). Casey amassed nearly 6,000,000 subscribers from the beginning through today,  that’s 18 months of uploading a thoughtful, often funny yet always compelling video each day. Within hours of each upload, his videos would garner 100’s of thousands of views, which is simply amazing. How much money did Casey earn from his VLOG, suffice it to say the answer is LOTS.

So why would one of the planet’s most successful VLOGgers decide to kill the goose that consistently laid golden eggs, every day? Well, here is what Casey said on today’s final VLOG episode, I paraphrase:

“With each success comes a bigger more audacious goal”

Casey’s VLOG had become too easy to produce. He began the VLOG in order to ignite and inspire his creative talents each day. In order to rise to the occasion to create something awesome everyday, he created a system that made conceiving, creating, editing and uploading great content everyday. In the end nearly eighteen months after the VLOG began Casey decided the thrill was gone. The thrill of facing the daily deadline, the daily creative challenge, the challenge of discovering something about his life that would be worth sharing with millions of his followers everyday, the thrill was gone.

Casey decided to kill his golden goose in order to rise above the success of his VLOG, to strive to continue to achieve more, be more to find a new muse a new inspiration.

So what’s next?

Surely Casey will find what he is looking for and continue to create, innovate and amaze us all!

Remember, what Casey knows, great achievement is born of great sacrifice!

So what’s the lesson learned from Casey Neistat is embodied in this question:

“What are you willing to sacrifice in order to become better at delivering what you offer the people you serve?”


Video: This Is the Future of Drones

These three drones suggest that the future of flying robots is closer than ever


Technology has evolved via four principles:

  • Smaller
  • Faster
  • Lighter
  • Cheaper

The DRONES showcased in this article (and ROBOTS in general) are rapidly tracking along the faster, cheaper trajectory.

Perhaps Jeff Bezos was spot on when he suggested Amazon deliveries would be handled by fleets of drones in the near future. Will Uber driverless cars, UPS & FedEx driverless delivery vehicles be in order soon too?

#Drones #Robots

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MIT is creating materials that build themselves with ‘4D Printing’ technology

4D printing is like 3D printing, but adds the element of time. Essentially, it’s like a metal coil thermometer


The offer of personalized products and services are much desired by the marketplace and serve as brand differentiator for businesses.

What will your company be doing in 4 or 5 years when 4D printed highly customized products are common.

#Adapt or Die

Rethinking the sedentary city | Arup Connect

As the damaging health effects of sedentary lifestyles become increasingly clear, medical professionals, designers, and policymakers are paying more attention



Dominated by suburban sprawl and car-centric infrastructure, the contemporary North American landscape evolved partially in reaction to the public health issues that plagued overcrowded East Coast cities in the late 1800s.  As tenement dwellers succumbed to fire and disease, policymakers, planners, and developers dreamed up an alternate reality: tidy single-family houses surrounded by green lawns and accessed by automobile.

Over a century later, the downsides of this strategy are all too clear. Designers and planners now increasingly seek opportunities to improve public health outcomes through interventions in the built environment.

Is This The World’s Best Bike-Share Bike?

These electric bikes eliminate almost every excuse you have not to ride.


“Twenty years ago, Copenhagen was the first large city to start a bike-share program. Now that there are well over 500 cities with bike sharing, the Danish capital–which brands itself as the “world’s cycling capital”–has reinvented bike sharing again. Its new fleet of electric,Wi-Fi-connected bikes are designed to get more non-cyclists to ride.”

There Is No ‘Healthy’ Microbiome

The same microbes can be helpful allies or dangerous threats.


“We cling to the desire for simple panaceas that will bestow good health with minimal effort. But biology is rarely that charitable. So we need to learn how tweaking our diets, lifestyles and environments can nudge and shape the ecosystems in our bodies. And we need ways of regularly monitoring a person’s microbiome to understand how its members flicker over time, and whether certain communities are more steadfast than others.”

The next big tech gig: Digital humanist | ZDNet

As smart machines become a bigger part of businesses some human will have to give companies and brands a more intimate face. Enter the digital humanist.


Hat Tip to Valeria Duflot for first sharing this post:

Anthropologist suggest that what it means to Be Human has not changed much during the course of the last  30,000 years., The role of the digital humanist will become the key to staying in touch with our origins as technology morphs and changes the world around us.

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Report maps out 87 healthcare accelerators in the US and how they need to evolve

A report by California Healthcare Foundation maps out healthcare accelerators around the U.S. and highlights ways some healthcare accelerators are evolving.


NYC’s Pilot tech sounds interesting in that it is built to foster mashups of technologies among start-ups to provide greater values while shortening cycle time to market.

Why the Internet of Things Narrative Has to Change

It’s time to approach the idea of the Internet of Things properly and start avoiding common misconceptions.


It’s happening now!


Are Hospitals Responding to a Health Reform That Hasn’t Happened Yet?

Peter Orszag argues that medical providers anticipating the end of the fee-for-service model are bringing health-care costs down



“Medical providers, and hospitals in particular, are preparing for the end of the fee-for-service payment system in which they make more money by providing more care.” 

Healthcare consumers actively sharing health information on social networks

A new survey conducted in May 2014 in the US shows that 85 percent of respondents would publicly share their health experience on social media to support others with the same disease.