Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself!
If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!

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Rest inspires creativity and innovation
Beautiful picture depicting how each time we seize the opportunity to relax we prepare ourselves to rise to every challenge.

This post is an exploration of how in a world that moves at the frictionless speed of the internet going SLOW is not just good for us yet an important ingredient to fueling what we need most, a deep well of creativity and innovative thinking.

Yesterday I sat in my easy chair with the Sunday edition of the New York Times to read for a while. For me reading articles written by interesting people with thought provoking ideas is relaxing and in the end, I feel somewhat smarter ūüėČ

While turning the pages i came upon a click bait sort of title “The Rest of your Life”. Yes, I was captivated by the title¬†and dove into reading. The author, Arianna Huffington says that when we REST you get more done. She suggests that we are so busy seeking to participate in the next disruption or running fast in order to not be disrupted or extinguished by digital darwinism.

The article echoes those bygone days when returning home from a day at work was to return to your oasis of tranquility, calm where you could get good sleep to awake the next morning rested. What happened to those 40 hour work week days? Today we live in an always on world of multitasking. A world where we celebrate how little we sleep. We live in a world where being stressed and overworked at work are badges of honor. Oh, how times have changed.

The ancients knew, REST is central to our wellness. The ancients wrote “Work provided the means to live, while rest gave meaning to life.” Modern science now validates what the ancients knew. Science tells us when we are serious and disciplined about rest we are more creative. When we look at the great artist that documented how they found the muse that inspired their work almost all of them attribute being thoroughly rested as a key to accessing the muse.

The video that follows provides us with a snapshot of a venture being crowdsourced in Sweden. Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen ran a magical restaurant but  sold everything to create a back to nature experience for themselves and the people they serve. Why, because they believe the way to live a good life in the future is for each of us to find our piece of Walden pond. To connect with the wild, with nature, with the quiet woods and the roar of the waterfall or ocean wave. To find those places in nature where rest falls upon us because we fall in lie with the rhythm of nature as the thump thump thump of the multitasking world of work falls away. We rest and return refreshed bringing ourselves more aligned with nature and learning how to harmonize with our natural surrounding in order to fuel our creative  and innovative flow states.

So you want to be more creative and innovative, go into the wild and rest for a while.



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