Can you name the first form of social media?

Storytelling was the first form of social media. Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. To discover the power of storytelling just a little research on the great leaders throughout history will illustrate how they realized their vision, fought and won great wars built great civilizations because they knew how to govern by telling great stories.

Many of the lives of the greatest leaders have been turned into theater partly for our entertainment and mainly to canonize the story of those leaders for all time.

Ancient TheatreCan you name the first form of social media?

There is a great article written in the San Francisco Chronicle by Lauren Gunderson, playwright in residence at the Marin Theatre Company.

Lauren writes:

“Think of this pitch to a room of venture capitalists: “What we’re proposing is a scalable, repeatable product that makes vital intellectual and emotional wisdom portable, communicable, and adaptable and memorable. Everyone will use it and keep using it for millennia. We call it: storytelling.”

A bit ridiculous, but I think of live storytelling as an ancient technology that has served human survival for centuries by wrapping critical knowledge in unforgettable characters, impassioned moments, or hilarious escapades. Stories are ancient social media startups, and ones so successful that they are still in play after thousands of years.”

1960 era theatre where people gather to watch stories be told

Can you name the first form of social media?

Today mobile media enables us to carry a powerful device which at any time we can command the device to magically deliver a story of our choosing to the mobile computer screen in our pocket.

Can you name the first form of social media?

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