Build Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Mont Blanc is approaching a 200-year anniversary and, is one of the worlds oldest prestigious luxury brands.  Mont Blanc marks time with beautiful timepieces. This short video is a compelling representation of what an engaging marketing campaign can look like.

Mont Blanc didn’t just produce a campaign that told the story of their brand, they asked the community to participate in telling the story. The storytellers of this Mont Blanc campaign engaged in becoming a part of the Mont Blanc marketing experience. The community of storytellers helped Mont Blanc become a story doer.

Discussions about the power of storytelling have been fashionable in marketing circles for a while now. So, why the new monicker STORY DOING? Ty Montaque writes in Harvard Business Review an article titled: Good companies are storytellers. Great companies are storydoers. Here is an excerpt from his article “Story doing companies create fierce loyalty and evangelism in their customers. Their stories are told primarily via word of mouth and are amplified by social media tools.”

The results achieved by this really simple campaign with virtually all of the content created by the community of users and raving fans produced these astounding result:

  • The competition received 3,769 videos produced by people outside the brand
  • Great press from many of the major global luxury brand magazines
  • In 60 days 4,000,000 media impressions
  • An estimated 40,000,000 media impressions
  • A 40% increase of followers on Facebook

Those are pretty impressive results achieved by a campaign where all of the content was created by people.

Have you harnessed the power of storytelling to serve your brands growth? Give us a call we are here to you become a story doer too.



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