Why We Love Story

It is not unusual to hear a someone ask why marketers love story. The question should be why do humans love story. Yes, marketers tout storytelling as perhaps the most important tool for a business to gain expertise in.  However, the truth is humans are now and have always been wired to respond to a story well told.

The infographic attached here provides a visual representation of how our brains respond to story. The infographic is a product of  ETHOS3.  They provide your business with award-winning presentations and design training. We are presenting their infographic here because it succinctly presents the neuroscience behind why we love story.

Thank you Ethos3 for the use of your infographic.

That was an easy read, chock full of thought-provoking information on the power of storytelling, right?

Each section of the infographic presents a compelling reason to become a better storyteller.


Why we love story

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