Privacy vs. Security

Facial recognition algorithms and deep learning computers are now capable of picking your face out of a crowd in Beijing, London or New York City.  We already live in an always-on world largely due to the powerful mobile media computers we carry with us everywhere we go 24 x 7.

The price we pay for security in our modern world is our privacy.  The privacy vs. security is a challenging debate for most because in Democracy Freedom equals Privacy. Only time will tell how

Only time will tell how this debate evolves. However, what we do know is technology isn’t sitting back and waiting for the debate to arrive at a conclusion. technology will continue to advance at an ever-quickening rate.

This is only the beginning!

If you think the capability shown in this video is an invasive intrusion on your privacy wait until the internet of things begins to connect anything a chip can be affixed to everything (#IOT & #IOE).

Security vs. Privacy
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