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Standing Up to Stand Out

The Art of Storytelling

Want to grow your business, liberate your origin, founding, product, customer and evolution stories. (Link to article here)

Story is as old as humankind!
“Those who tell the stories rule society.”Plato

The Future of Design

SpaceX is exploring methods for engineers to accelerate their workflow by designing more directly in 3D. We are integrating breakthroughs in sensor an

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Elon Musk demonstrates how design and manufacturing are evolving.


Living in the 21st century will become even more amazing.

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Defining A Growth Hacker: Three Common Characteristics

In this series titled “Defining a growth hacker”, I will be exploring the meaning and practical application of growth hacking through a number of..

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If your not maximizing these three things you are not a growth hacker; (a) Data (b) Creativity (c) Curiousty. Growth hacking is just as much an art as it is a science. #GrowthHack #TAOSO

Inbound Marketing Is Under Attack: A Thoughtful Response

Inbound marketing flies in the face of traditional advertising. Find out whether your company should be practicing inbound or sticking with ads.

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Buyers are different!

“We don’t need salespeople, ads, direct mail, calls, fancy brochures or many of the old-school marketing tactics that were a requirement just 10 years ago. Not only do we not need them, but we also don’t want to buy from brands that insist on using them. Instead, we’re opting for brands that respect our journeys and create experiences for us that enhance those journeys. This massive change is why inbound marketing and content marketing work so well and why they are so challenging for people to understand and master.”

Hover Camera 360 Pano sample video

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Imagine having a camera hover near you constantly recording your every move without you needing to fibble with controls, sound too good to be true?  Well, get ready because the Hover Camera has arrived.  

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Never Quit


China’s LeEco teases its very own autonomous electric car

LeEco really wants the world to know it isn’t just about TVs and smartphones. After the announcements of its investment in Faraday Future and Aston Marti

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The Chinese are coming with an electric self driving car called the LeSee. Should Elon Musk and his Tesla be worried?  No worries for Musk, competition only means there is a market for self driving electric cars. Let the competition begin!

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Are you sharing your brand stories?

Those Who tell Stories

How do brands keep us interested and engaged? They tell us their stories.

All brands have stories.  The brands that tell the most interesting story wins our attention.  

The reason story works so well is because humans are wired for story. Neuroscientists have proven that stories change our biology. When we hear stories of distress our bodies release the hormone cortisol. When we hear a story that elicits empathy in us our bodies emit the hormone oxytocin.  Yes story has the power to change our biology.

Watch this video produced by Mont Blanc and watch closely how the brand storyteller takes you on a journey through time, a journey that shows you how they have served people just like you, or the person you aspire to be like.

Then watch another video produced Burberry a 150 year old brand based in the UK. Burberry hired Angela Ahrendts as the new CEO and one of  the first things she did was hire a cultural anthropologist to tell the story of the historical Burberry brand. Once the story was catalogued Ms. Ahrendts published it as a book and provided a copy to each employee. The intention in sharing the book with employees was to inspire them to ignite a passion for the brand and fuel a connection to the mission to revive the aging English business icon. The book became a source of pride. The brand was new and exciting again.

Before Angela Ahrendts arrival Burberry had forgotten their brand story. The employees and the customers had forgotten why Burberry existed, they had forgotten who they served and how they were purpose built to serve a specific audience that had a very specific sense of value and style.  

These two youtube videos show us visual storytelling at it’s best. Mont Blanc’s story is exactly 2 minutes and 20 seconds and the Burberry story is 5 minutes and 27 seconds. I submit that when you watch these videos in total you too will begin sharing the compelling stories that your brand has to tell.

That is the power of .

10 Neuro Design Principles Product Manager Should Know

Neuro Web Design principles that helps you create better products

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Today science confirms many things that we once believed because of antedoctal information. Now we have NEUROSCIENCE studying everything from why stroytelling works to why we buy anything.  This post provides a solid top 10 things to do inspired by neuroscience.


The article suggests that product and marketing managers are the target audience for this content. I believe that because we all manage our own professional BRAND no matter what we do, that these principles apply universally when we undertake managing the brand called YOU (me). Wnjoy the read and remember to share this with your colleagues because these tips are mission critical for us all. 

Forbes Welcome

At #TAOSO We Coach – Brand Strategy, Storytelling, Marketing Using Human Centered Design Method to Co-Create Solutions

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Founders of SMB and Solopreneurs often struggle establishing the right price point for their products, services or solutions. They struggle for many reasons.  This article is a compliation of ideas and solid tips on how to establish pricing models that are fair and equiatble to all parties.

John Maeda: Fall in Love with Technology through Great Design

Drawing on wisdom from Paul Rand, John Maeda shows us why both startups and “end-ups” need great design to succeed. But getting there requires a focus on designers, ambitious leadership, and lots of experimentation.

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The future of technology will be fueld by great design.

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Aristotle, Metacognition, and Why You Should Think About Thinking

Learn about the value of thinking about how you think and why it’s important.

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Drill down into this article and you will discover a well order process that when implemented will make anyone a more effective and effiecient decision maker.  You don’t have to be Artistotle you just have to think like him.

20+ Powerful Street Art Pieces That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth

The graffiti and street art on this list is perfect for spreading messages about environmentalism and climate change to a wider audience. It uses simple slogans and provocative images to spread important and inspiring ideas in ways that are easy to remember.

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The images shared within this post tell a compelling story about the raw urgency of NOW. When you look at these images and you feel like you’re missing the point, then you probably need a visual cortex tune-up. Because today we have scientific research that says 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.

We need everyone to understand that NOW is the time to adapt or the world as we know it will not survive to support our children and their children in the manner that generations of humans enjoyed through the ages . #Tropic #Cascade #Taoso